Cimberio 500 days

Cimberio 500 days

We imagined an ideal world, where heat and cold can be accurately managed, guaranteeing a  better indoor quality of life.

A world where water, the most precious resource, is carefully modulated and dosed in the heating/cooling systems of medium and big buildings.

We imagined an ideal system which allows to save energy and protect the environment, because we want to leave behind a better world for our children.

This is a technological complex system, but at the same time it is easily applicable, because it is versatile, modular and remotely controlled.

This is the story of SMARTCIM project. It tells the five hundred days which will lead us, from now until spring 2017, to develop an innovative solution with low environmental impact for the regulation of heating/cooling systems. We will document tests, applications and production. Step by step, you will see the world we imagined become a reality.

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