SMARTCIM and Industry 4.0

SMARTCIM and Industry 4.0

New tests on the Cimberio industrial plant in Berzonno

Being leader since 60 years in brass valves for HVAC plants, Cimberio’s Research and Development group, assisted by the experts of the Milan Polytechnicare carrying out a series of important test on SMARTCIM integration in an industrial plant. The installation, performed without any need to interrupt the production activity, is aimed at automatically adjusting and optimizing the dynamics of thermal flows, without additional wiring.

After the simulation in the laboratory of numerous residential system configurations, and the processing of energy saving data from the SmartCim pilot plant at the Space Center in Andøyaa monitoring program was launched that provides for the comparison between four different balancing valve technologies. These series of tests analyze the numerous functions of SMARTCIM and evaluates the climate management strategies under conditions of actual operation. The collected data will allow to analyze the ability of the system to adapt to the typical exogenous variables that influence the thermal comfort in industrial environments, such as the activation of the exhaust air recirculation system or the prolonged opening of the sectional doors for the movements of heavy vehicles. The tests will also monitor the SMARTCIM energy saving results, comparing it with the balancing solutions normally adopted.

The pilot site is the Cimberio plant in Berzonno di Pogno (NO), an area of approx. 6,000 square meters on two levels, mainly heated with air heaters and thermo strips, a situation that is common to many production areas. The system has already been carefully monitored under two conditions: first without balancing valves and then equipped with manual valves with fixed orifice. The third phase of the program is currently underway, involving the adoption of independent pressure PICV valves, which represent the latest generation in automatic balancing technologies. After this phase, it will be tested a comprehensive system with the sophisticated valves managed by the SMARTCIM sensor network.

The technological innovation of the system and the primary role it will play in the integration strategies of Industry 4.0 plant systems are demonstrated by the presence of Cimberio’s SMARTCIM at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, the most important exhibition dedicated to advanced electronics where the European
Commission has chosen Cimberio and the SmartCim project among the top 15 most promising European technologies.

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