The benefits due to the balance of a hydraulic system

The benefits due to the balance of a hydraulic system

Probably, anyone who deals with thermohydraulics is aware that with a correct balancing of the heating/cooling systems in existing buildings it is possible to reduce energy consumption even up to 35 per cent.

What does it mean? This means that with the balance and the optimization of water flows, the activity of the heat generator and of the electric power input of circulating pumps will be reduced, allowing the indoor environments to reach a pleasant thermal equilibrium. But there is more: the disturbing temperature oscillations will disappear and the noise due to the unbalanced flows of thermovector fluid will decrease.

Today it is possible to balance a hydraulic system and to achieve these results also thanks to SMARTCIM’ s smart valves, the system designed by Cimberio which is able, without wiring, to monitor and precisely regulate the sensitive data of heating/cooling plants.

This building automation device, unique in the world, instantly transmits the data collected from its probes distributed along the plant network. The incorporated software interprets such information to optimize and automatically limit the amount of energy needed to maintain, in every indoor environment, the expected thermal comfort.

Indeed, the installation of SMARTCIM, besides significant energy savings due to the modulation of the amount of circulating water, enables a sensitive increase of perceived well-being. This is because its smart valves, connected to the distribution points (such as radiators and fan coils), allow an adequate, and equally automatic, balance of the plant. The idea of such a technology able to do so much liked by the European Commission, that funded the project within the Horizon 2020 Program.

SMARTCIM, contrarily to the balancing valves currently on the market, allows to modulate both the amount of circulating water and the electric power, re-adapting itself from time to time to the daily thermal load variations. Balancing a plant has never been so easy.

If we consider for instance Italy: the majority of the hydronic plants in use in existing buildings has been implemented without any balancing device. For this reason, some indoor environments reach the right temperature with great difficulty (typically on the higher floors) while others are subject to overheating conditions.

Even if crucially important, the balancing phase has been frequently ignored. Attempts have been made to remedy, oversizing circulators and heating power of the heating elements for each environment.

Frequently, to avoid complaints from the dwellers with more disadvantages, the technician increases the flow temperature of the plant, generating an unnecessary energy waste. On this issue, scientific literature warns us that, for every degree increased in the temperature, there is an increase of about 6 per cent in the costs.

The balance of heating/cooling systems reached with the use of SMARTCIM represents a necessary condition to exploit thermal and electric energy in the best way and to achieve ideal and uniformly distributed temperatures.
As claimed by Roberto Cimberio, CEO of the Company, SMARTCIM allows to realize an ideal world where energy savings, welfare, easy and cost-effective interventions find the right balance.

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