A new professional figure is born

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  • A new professional figure is born
  • A new professional figure is born
  • A new professional figure is born

With SMARTCIM a new professional figure is also born: the evolved installer. He will have a building automation knowhow, he will be able to retrofit the existing buildings to the energetic standards imposed by regulations and increasingly requested by users.
Intelligent and easy to install, SMARTCIM is the new system developed by Cimberio S.p.A. which optimizes the energetic management for air-conditioning systems in buildings, by implementing performance of distribution and regulation. Through the innovative communication protocol BACnet, the network of sensors and intelligent valves of the system can communicate with the components already present in the plant, providing a big amount of data about their behaviour. These is fundamental information useful for the evolved installer, who, via a fast remote access and a user-friendly graphical interface, is able to program, consult and make modifications which lead to optimize efficiency.

For the installers, this is a huge opportunity, with attractive growth prospects to update their hydraulic skills and to adapt to the innovative boost coming from the entrance of electronics and information technology in the management of plant networks.
The punctual analysis of the performance of buildings carried out by the SMARTCIM software allows the installer to easily verify if the heating/cooling systems reach the performance and consumption rates planned during the design phase, making it easier for the installer to obtain, during the time-consuming operations, an ideal balance of the network.

Furthermore, real-time monitoring helps a virtuous behaviour in the energy demand of hot or cold conditioning flows needed to guarantee the thermal comfort in living areas, achieving high level of energy savings.

In addition, SMARTCIM can easily be customized on existing plants of buildings with medium and large dimensions (residential , tourism, tertiary, schools, commercial buildings), allowing the highest exchangeability of the components, without affecting the homogeneity of the data exchange. Therefore, with just a little logic in the planning of interventions, the plumber will adjust the thermal system avoiding complete interruption in services or the suspension of the activity. In this way, the inconvenience for the end-users will be reduced to minimum levels without unnecessary economic losses.

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