Virtues of brass

Virtues of brass

SmartCim is a sofisticated combination of traditional mechanical parts and advanced electronic devices. But behind the project, there is something virtous, brass.

It is a copper and zinc alloy, with both materials characterized by excellent properties, which make it ductile, malleable, really corrosion resistant and, for its remarkable acoustic properties, it is also used in the production of musical instruments.

We could say that SmartCim, the innovative system by Cimberio, for the regulation of heating/cooling plants, works like a tight-knit brass orchestra, where each element is able to communicate with the other, in the same language.

The data transmitted through the engineering network via a open source communication protocol is processed by a software which allows the user to easily intervene, from wherever he is, to optimize the behaviour of the heating/cooling distribution system, e.g. excluding some areas from the energy supply and addressing flows only where these are needed. These functions allow the achievement of big energy savings and the reduction of the emission of harmful substances.

For Cimberio, brass is really important because it is the material of choice, the one used for the production of valves and components devoted to heating and air-conditioning sectors, and to gas and water distribution networks. Brass is the material which ensures the best quality of products to whom, as Cimberio, uses it with familiar expertise. And they do it with passion. How do we know? It is sufficient to go around in the manufacturing facilities to see a lot of highly shining brass elements, elaborated with meticulous attention and arranged in neat rows.

To go from first valves to an innovative system such as SmartCim, able to reach up to the 40% of energy saving in energy consuming buildings, the Technical Department of Cimberio worked for a long time and developed an integrated solution. The income of electronics and informatics didn’t of course overcome brass, to which Cimberio is particularly linked, but has easily updated it and made it intelligent.

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