Quality certifications: a sign of consideration towards the world

Quality certifications: a sign of consideration towards the world

Cimberio’s philosophy is to chose to be constantly deliberately controlled by accredited and independent inspectors.

Therefore, the company which designed SMARTCIM and conceived the innovative integrated system for the management of heating/cooling plants, believes that certifications provide the acknowledgement of its efforts for continuous improvement. This is a gesture of attention towards its employees, its products quality and, overall, to our planet and to the stunningly beautiful territory which houses us.
Cimberio S.p.A. is proud to have up to six certifications among the most recognized worldwide. And SMARTCIM is perfectly integrated into the concept of a quality product.

Cimberio was the first company worldwide to receive the Integrated Certification PAS 99 which allows to manage, in an integrated manner, other four certifications. This is the first certification protocol studied to meet the requirements of integrated management systems. A guarantee for users and investors.

In June 2009, Cimberio obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The acknowledge proves a careful approach in the manufacturing according to high standards of quality. Moreover the quality control process created in Cimberio in 1987 was so efficient that it was immediate and natural to comply with the requirements imposed.

The SA 8000 Ethical Certification required the company to have a behaviour addressed to facilitate  its growth ambitions with fundamental values related to the respect of people and environment, to territory development, efficiency and technological innovation.
The verified requirements regarded important issues such as the attention to workers health and safety, freedom of association and absence of any discrimination, the correct management of remunerations and working hours.

Environmental related issues are regulated by ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, onbtained by Cimberio some years ago.
The certification ensures the compliance with all applicable laws regarding environmental protection. The verification areas are numerous: from waste disposal, to quality controls of water and emissions and even noise pollution.

With the OHSAS 18001 International Certification, Cimberio wanted to regulate and verify the workers health and safety conditions in the workplace, going beyond the simple application of the famous Italian law 626 (1994). It represents a very important aspect in the company life, every day.

In July 2011, Cimberio S.p.A. obtained by the British Institute BSI the ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM International Certification.
This is the first universally recognized standard regarding the energy management system, created to help companies improve the energetic efficiency, setting the most appropriate conditions for limiting the climate change under way.

Cimberio separate and consolidated financial statements are audited by Ria Grant Thornton,  which provides an assessment of the soundness on the statements and on the compliance with the existing standards.

As further guarantee, on the grounds of protecting its customers, Cimberio products are insured by Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A., with a product liability insurance, according to the 85/374/EEC standard, regarding the responsibility of the manufacturer for any damage resulting from the use of its own products.

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