Cimberio optimizes SMARTCIM together with Enersem

Cimberio optimizes SMARTCIM together with Enersem

The start-up from the Milan Polytechnical University, expert in dynamic simulation mathematical modelling.

In the final phase of the SMARTCIM project, Cimberio established an important collaboration with Enersem, a spin-off of the Milan Polytechnical University, an expert in the research of innovative solutions for the efficient use of energy sources. Established on the initiative of professors and researchers at the Department of Energy, it will be supported by POLIhub, the business incubator managed by the university’s Foundation.

The reason? During this experimental stage, Cimberio was looking for an accredited and independent body that could check and validate the results of tests performed on SMARTCIM, the smart valve developed by the company.

We asked Matteo Zanchi, founder and director of Enersem, to talk about the experience with Cimberio.

The distinctiveness of SMARTCIM is that it can provide the heating capacity emitted by each terminal as well as temperature and flow data of the circuits through its sensory network. This opens up new perspectives for system optimization.

We initially applied our dynamic simulation mathematical models by interfacing with the on-site analysis lab. Then we analyzed the data from Andøya Island.

SMARTCIM was installed here so that it could be tested on a fifty-year-old building, immersed in the climatic conditions of northern Norway.

After having made the optimization algorithm effective in reducing end-use consumption, we began an exciting new stage in the development of product intelligence, together with the company’s technical department. Over the next three years we will be involved in defining innovative models for managing HVAC networks applied to real cases under different conditions of use and plant configurations. The aim of the research is to allow plant systems in our buildings that currently do not interact to begin communicating with each other, which will enable us to obtain encouraging energy savings.

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