Smart cities: what they are and how SmartCim integrates within them

Smart cities: what they are and how SmartCim integrates within them

“Smart city” means a set of planning systems designed to optimize services and urban infrastructure for the benefit of citizens, companies and institutions. In other words, it means a smart use of the cities.
Today this is a possible result thanks to the development of systems for collection, analysis and distribution of big amount of data coming from totally different areas, from sustainable mobility to energy savings, from security to real-time communication.
This “enriched” data, i.e. processed and correlated with each other through the creation of complex networks, can generate a new kind of intelligence, capable of self-configuration, independently operating, according to the continuously changing of general conditions and of received input.

SMARTCIM, the system designed by Cimberio S.p.A. for the consumption monitoring and of the regulation of the hydronic plants that distribute heat and cold in buildings, perfectly fits into the strategies applicable to smart cities.

In the design of SMARTCIM, Cimberio engineers started from the devices which contain within themselves a series of rules and algorithms normally used in hydronic industry and designed to precisely modulate the energetic flows to regulate the indoor climate in the existing buildings.
When these devices start dialoguing with each other, they implement automatic strategies of optimization and energy saving, achieving an increased intelligence of the plant.
But there is more. When the network of devices interact with other elements of the plant, and not only these, the intelligence increases, because it learns more information. Let’s think, for example, on the historical database about weather conditions, or about short-term and long-term weather forecasts.

This is a technological system which could be further extended and increased, if one decides to integrate it with other devices and sensors that are within the buildings, the neighborhood and the city as a whole.
Thanks to the collaboration with prestigious Universities and international partners, it is possible to integrate the information generated from SMARTCIM with the standard and cloud systems most used in the worldwide, such as Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Yandex or Google.

to be a Company like Cimberio, which strives to provide goods and services for smart cities, means working not only on energy savings but even on a wider view concerning the social and environmental benefits arising from them. Let’s think about the problem related to high energy costs and to the goals that the EU and the Paris Agreements 2016 (COP21) have set out to reduce the raising global warming.
Through SMARTCIM it is possible to achieve results to date above expectations, particularly by optimizing existing buildings which account for most of energy consumptions.
This is an important technological leap towards our near future and it is therefore not surprising that the European Commission has fully understood its potentiality, funding the Cimberio project within the Horizon 2020 Program.

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