At ISH 2017 in Frankfurt, SmartCim makes its debut

Water and energy were the main topics of the 2017 ISH, the International Trade Fair of reference for professionals in the of air conditioning and heating systems, renewable energies and technologies for buildings field, which took place in Frankfurt between March 14 and 18 2017.
It was the ideal context to present SMARTCIM, the worldwide unique system all, designed by Cimberio S.p.A., able to modulate with extremely high precision the heating/cooling plants of medium and large buildings, leading to major energy savings.

Clients and industry operators were able to touch for the first time a SMARTCIM prototype, and to see a presentation about the birth and the evolution of the project.
“What impressed the people seeing SMARTCIM in action” said Roberto Cimberio, CEO of the Company, “was the capacity of the system to analyze the huge amount of data provided by the plants and to instantly take action on the consumption regulation”.
In fact, the sensors of the system perform a continuous (self-)diagnostics throughout the plant network which distributes heat and cold in the indoor environments.

The value of SMARTCIM has been recognized by the European Commission through an important funding within the Horizon 2020 Program, and represents a significant step towards the European goals for energy efficiency increasing to around 30%.
“This is an achievable goal, if we will have full confidence in the intelligent technologies” explains Roberto Cimberio, quoting the ACEEE (American Council of Energy-Efficent Economy) Report 2016, in which Italy is at the second place for energy efficiency in the ranking of the 23 countries most energy consuming.

“An increased control over consumption and more energy saving are concrete objectives” confirms Andrea Chiarello, Product Manager of Cimberio.
The first SMARTCIM prototype, currently installed at the Norwegian Space Center in Andøya, is revealing it: “Significant data was collected in really extreme environmental conditions. One above all: an energy saving of 28.64%, with 70% peaks. If the planet asks for more attention to the environment, this is the right direction to follow” concludes Chiarello.

But this is not all, because “what we are seeing, here at 2017 ISH , clearly shows how the huge heritage of existing buildings could find new life thanks to the retrofitting of the old heating/cooling systems” emphasizes Giorgio Anselmo, International Sales Manager of Cimberio.

In fact, one of the great revolutions of SMARTCIM is given by the possibility to retrofit the existing heritage of buildings, adapting old buildings to the energetic standards currently foreseen for the new buildings, with minimally invasive and economically sustainable interventions.

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