KlimaHouse 2017: “Energetic regulation becomes easier”

“We are here at the Klimahouse to present SMARTCIM, an innovative project which allows to improve energy savings of heating/cooling systems” said Roberto Cimberio, CEO of the homonymous Company, located in Piedmont which this year celebrates its 60th.

Cimberio is among the 460 companies which were selected by a panel to partecipate at the 12th edition of Klimahouse: the most important fair dedicated to energy efficiency in the housing world.
From 26th to 29th January, 37.500 visitors gathered in Bolzano, in the north-east of the Alpes. These included; experts, engineers, artisans, students and end-users, all really interested in the most innovative technologies which are able to reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of life in living areas.
Here, Cimberio had the opportunity to present its systems for construction sustainability, such as SMARTCIM, and the ones dedicated to security in case of seismic events.

Architect Alessandro Palazzo, Energy Consultant of the CasaClima Agency, explained that “SMARTCIM has been designed to easily integrate itself in the heating/cooling systems of existing buildings of medium and large dimensions, where it will express its potential in the reduction of consumption and in the increase of living well-being”.

The Product Manager of Cimberio was also present at the fair, engineer Andrea Chiarello.
“Talking about SMARTCIM means talking about the most advanced point of an evolving process which led Cimberio to introduce electronic components in traditional valves, implementing the functions.

Lets think about the plant balancing: the energetic regulation is a process which, with SMARTCIM, becomes simplified, instantaneous and permanent”.

In the 25.000 sqm of the exhibition area of Klimahouse there was the feeling of being in the right place at the right time. There was the perception that it was possible to outline with clarity the direction in which the construction world, the one of quality, is going on and which potentialities it has.
For this reason, it was the right place where we could present SMARTCIM, an innovative and efficient system, with a low environmental impact, awarded with a substantial funding from the European Commission.

As explained by Paolo Alliata, Sales Manager of Cimberio Italy, “SMARTCIM will open the doors for a new professional figure: the plumber with technological skills. For the installer, it means a new opportunity of growth. He will have the opportunity to enrich his knowledge with tools and notions that will bring him to offer results with higher quality in the management of plants”.

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