When a startup has a long history

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  • When a startup has a long history
  • When a startup has a long history

Who says that the history of a Company cannot be the driving force which pushes right into the future? It is exactly what is happening in Cimberio S. p. A., a world leading Company for the production of brass valves and components used in the plumbing and heating industry and for gas and water distribution nets. A few years ago, within this Company, was born an extremely innovative idea, which is now becoming reality.
We are talking about SMARTCIM, the integrated system able to optimize the heating/cooling plants with medium or large dimensions developed by Cimberio, currently in a testing phase at the Andøya Space Center, in Norway.

“One of the aspects that makes SMARTCIM unique is its ability to accurately modulate the heating and cooling energetic flows, addressing them where they are really needed, without unnecessary waste” explains Roberto Cimberio. CEO of the Company. This system is ideal for existing buildings, which can be retrofitted without invasive interventions, and therefore achieve the energetic savings and efficiency goals required by the countries applying to the agreements regarding energy currently in force.

The opportunity to improve the performance of the existing buildings, which are really energy consuming, is the main reason of interest by the European Commission, which decided to invest in this project through the Horizon 2020 Program.
Furthermore having a user-friendly and customizable management software according to the needs, the system allows an easy installation and management by the installers.

Cimberio, founded in 1957,was one of the first companies to distinguish its goods with a trade mark, and again one of the first, in the Sixties, to export its goods in Europe, USA, and later worldwide. Again one of the first, around 1970, to experiment and launch the production of ball valves. And again one of the first, ten years later, with quality certifications.

“For us research is not a new thing. If I think about our history, quality, innovation and sustainability have always been the basis of our work, and these values have never failed us” says Roberto Cimberio.
The 2000s bring the Company to explore the most advanced technologies, automation and robotization become part of production departments, together with research and development. The aim is to make brass increasingly intelligent, going from automatic balancing valves to the increasingly higher use of electronics.

“Therefore, as you can see, SMARTCIM comes from a long way away, that led us to always look towards the future. The idea to constantly innovate is in our roots, we firmly believe in it and promote it with passion”.

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