“SmartCim is the future seen from a different point of view”

Roberto Cimberio, CEO of the company and ambassador of the project at the European Commission tells us about SMARTCIM.

SMARTCIM is a project for the development of a modular, versatile and intelligent system which intervenes in the management and in the control of heating/cooling plants. Intuition, research, and gaze towards technological innovation and international reality allowed us to go from a general idea to a specific design phase. I could say that we imagined an ideal world, and then we worked on make it real.

How was the project born and developed?
The history which has lead us up to here is important. Cimberio is a consolidated industrial business three generations old, but for us it is essential to invest in research and development. We must accept the challenge complexity that the contemporary world makes us face and we must find the answers and the best solutions.
SMARTCIM is the result of a long design research, but not only this: we have changed our perspective, because innovation appears when we change our way of thinking.
Before, we used to think about a single product, now we think in terms of an integrated system, made up of different components which interact with one another. Our valves are made of brass, and I like to think that we have made this really precious material intelligent.

Which environmental benefits can be offered by the system?
SMARTCIM project gives life to a system with a low environmental impact. In fact, optimising the plant functioning, enables significant energy savings.
The benefits are not only economical but have a positive outcome on the environment. Environmental protection is one of the most important challenges of the twenty-first century. Don’t forget that to be future oriented means to think about the world we will leave behind for our children.

What kind of response has the project obtained so far?
Thanks to the new ideas, the investments and to the experience shown, we obtained a funding by the European Commission, through the Horizon 2020 Programme, which supports and promotes technological research designed to make the energetic systems more efficient, in terms of savings and emissions. Thousands of European companies acceded to our same notice of competition, fourty-two were selected. The Italian companies funded are six.
This result, not only confirms the SMARTCIM project viability, but allows us to conduct the technical and production development of the system, transforming into a tangible reality the ideal world that we had imagined.

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