The reason SmartCim is the innovating challenge which convinced the European Commission

The reason SmartCim is the innovating challenge which convinced the European Commission

Since in Cimberio we have started to think about an intelligent system which would guarantee energetic saving in cooling and heating systems, we have focused on technological research and excellence, with the idea to develop an avant-garde product in the name of sustainability.
This is how SMARTCIM project was born, which provides for the use a software for managing heat and cold indoors. The European Commission has strongly believed in this idea and has wanted to fund it through the Horizon 2020 Programme. This is the biggest and most challenging announcement launched in 2014 by the Commission in order to encourage and economically support SMEs in scientific and technological research over the next years.

Innovations, discoveries and results are the key words in this edition of the programme, dedicated to intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth. Horizon 2020 is divided into three broad policy areas: scientific excellence, industrial leadership and social challenges, with particular attention on energetic saving related issues.

But think about it. What is a challenge? We could define it as a forward-looking vision. The vision of those who decide to go beyond what is known, and to explore new possibilities.
Horizon 2020 has launched seven challenges which represent seven key factors for the world to come:
· health and welfare
· food security and sustainable use of biological resources
· development of secure, clean and efficient energy
· green and integrated mobility
· climate action
· inclusive and secure societies

These are not abstract ideas, but are areas where research and innovation can have a real impact on the citizens, giving concrete benefits on their daily life.

This is where the SMARTCIM challenge is positioned, because a monitoring and regulating automatic system of cooling and heating systems has an incredible impact on our lives. It not only optimises the feeling of comfort in our daily environments, but it helps us address our efforts towards the right direction for energetic savings and environmental impact.

The building industry is statistically considered the biggest energy consumer sector in Europe: the potential energetic save, results to be the most elevated compared to other sectors, such as industry and transport, wrongly perceived as the most pollutant.

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