Let’s enter Cimberio’s technical department in order to understand how a revolutionary idea is born

Let's enter Cimberio's technical department in order to understand how a revolutionary idea is born

SMARTCIM, the project for the development of an innovative automatic system for the regulation and monitoring of heating and cooling plants, take the first steps has been developed in Cimberio’s technical department in order to satisfy a simple but rich technological idea.
Who knows Cimberio, is aware that the company has always been very avantguard as far as air conditioning and thermo-hydraulics is concerned, thanks to technological innovation achieved by devoting many resources to research and development. Throughout the sixty years of activity Cimberio has registered approximately sixty patents. Practically one a year, a true record!
SMARTCIM was born from one of these intuitions: combined sophisticated electronics to traditional mechanics of the brass valves. One of the favourite sayings in Cimberio is: “We made brass intelligent”.

The technical office is made up of a dozen of experts. Three years ago it was researching for an automised system which would able to solve not only problems linked to the precision limits of mechanic valves, but also to easily interact with all the components installed on the systems. The aim was to avoid complicated and expensive adjustment work.
The experience gained in the years, the availability of sensors at a reasonable price, the open source communication protocols progress and the persistent improvement spirit of the group, have allowed to develop SMARTCIM. It is a truly integrated system, it is able to monitor via web the characteristic data of a hydronic plant, to interpret it and adjust it in order to obtain the perfect balance, modulation and regulation flow.

When the European Commission believed in the system’s potentials, funding 70% of the required investment, the project made an important leap forward, also thanks to the tests carried out by a dozen of applications.
Two totally different sites have been identified on which to install and test the system. The first, an accommodation building part of the Andoya Space Centre in Northern Norway, in a territory with extreme climate. The second, a starred restaurant on Lake Orta, located inside the historical Villa Crespi subject to historical constraints. Both sites need to be retrofitted from an energetic point of view: SMARTCIM project expected versatility is therefore the ideal solution.

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