Sture Ombler: “SmartCim is taking us in a world which did not exist before”

How important are quality and innovation in Cimberio?
When we thought about SMARTCIM, our aim was to reach excellent energy saving for our clients, therefore we wanted to develop a modular and versatile system for intelligent management of heating/cooling plants with a low environmental impact.
‘Global quality’ is one of the values which Cimberio has always pursued.
And the project funding from the European Commission, through the Horizon 2020 programme, is a significant acknowledgment of this added value.

Which impact will SMARTCIM have on the market?
In Northern Europe we give particular attention to the quality of manufacturing processes and to that particular condition that English people call state of the art. It is a very challenging and dynamic concept, because when in a particular technology you reach the highest level, then you always have the desire to go further.
I could say that the project which we named SMARTCIM has gone beyond, not only for the technological research that has reached the highest level never reached before in Cimberio, but also for the impact that it will have on the market.
The entire industry will open up to new perspectives. There isn’t anything like it: it will be a technological complex system, but very simple and versatile in installation and in Client usage.

How important is the foreign market?
Cimberio is an entirely Italian company. Actually I can emphasize it with pride. All the manufacturing takes place in the two plants of San Maurizio d’Opaglio and Pogno, in Piedmont, in a really stunningly beautiful and unspoiled territory. But Cimberio is also a company oriented to the foreign market, which provides a good part of the total turnover, with products distributed in sixty-five countries.
This is an important aspect, because the foreign market puts particular attention to another one of the benefits of SMARTCIM: the energy efficiency of buildings.

What role does the energy performance have on the commercial value of a product?
The optimization of energy consumption, the versatility of application, and mainly the idea that with this system it is possible to do a major leap towards energetic retrofitting of buildings, are all important qualities which create economic and social added values.
Without neglecting the most important aspect: all this means natural environmental protection.
This is a responsibility that every future oriented company should take.

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