Energy can be saved up to 40% in many buildings

Energy can be saved up to 40% in many buildings

Residential, service and commercial buildings, hotels, clinics, hospitals, schools, universities and Public Administration offices in general are some of the types of properties to which SMARTCIM, the innovative project of Cimberio, is addressed.

SMARTCIM is based on the idea of a low environmental impact system and on a technology which, installed on heating/cooling systems, will automatically regulate flows, leading to a significant energy saving. It is a versatile and modular system, which can be easily adapted and installed on existing buildings and on new constructions NZEB, the acronym used to indicate Nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

The integrated management systems for buildings and domotics are becoming increasingly popular in our homes. We can think about access control, alarm, lighting and stereo systems to which we easily and directly access thanks to a customizable user friendly interface.

The SMARTCIM project, using the organic management of winter and summer heating and conditioning of the environments through the BACNET communication protocol, fits into this logic, where technologies mutually interact.

All this leads to minimize waste without compromising the desired thermal comfort, maintaining into circulation solely and exclusively the quantity of fluid needed to transmit or absorb the required heat.

SMARTCIM provides a modular system, able to communicate with all the components, installed on the existing plants. Complex and expensive interventions are not needed: it is sufficient a limited investment which quickly pays for itself. In this way, it is possible to considerably limit the management costs for buildings, even up to 40% for the existing property characterized by disperse coating and obsolete plants. How is it possible? Thanks to the reduction of energy lost by distribution networks and thanks to the use of intelligent valves with modulating speed, which decrease the absorbed electricity.

In some countries, it will be also possible to benefit of tax deduction for energy saving interventions. Everywhere in Europe, the Governments are creating awareness among taxpayers towards a more conscious use of fuels. This because the most green energy is the one not being used.

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