SmartCim: the experimental phase begins now in Norway

SmartCim: the experimental phase begins now in Norway

Today the first world installation of the SMARTCIM project took place in live streaming from the Norwegian Space Centre of Andøya, 400 km over the Arctic Circle.

During a touching ceremony from Palazzo Chigi in Rome, the Premier Matteo Renzi remotely turned on the SMARTCIM system installed in Andøya, Norway; the system starting from that moment will begin to manage the whole thermal plant, reducing consumptions and optimizing the use of the available resources.

It is the first revolutionary installation of the SMARTCIM system, designed by Cimberio SpA and co-financed by the European Commission within the Horizon 2020 program. SMARTCIM is an integrated system, one in the world, dedicated to remote monitoring and regulation of thermal plants, it is able to cut down managing costs of the buildings by optimizing the plant’s performance and to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere without having to do intrusive work on the existing infrastructures.

Watch the live streaming full video

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