Cimberio presents its building energy management system

Cimberio presents its building energy management system

How to optimize buildings climatic comfort through an extensive monitoring network.

SMARTCIM represents a scientific revolution. An innovative idea, unique of its kind in the world.

The intelligent valve system designed by Cimberio uses advanced technologies that, installed on existing HVAC systems, automatically regulates the circulating flows, leading to significant energy savings and the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Based on an extensive network of sensors capable of instantly detecting the operating conditions of an HVAC system, SMARTCIM transmits temperature and flow rate data without the need for wiring or difficult adjustment. To guarantee the living comfort set, the system adopts BACNET, a universal communication protocol. This standard language dialogues with all the components present, easily adapting to any future plant layout without any constraint related to the product or the brand.

The data collected by the sensors can be remotely managed through an intuitive software that automatically optimizes the energy resources – both thermal and electrical – based on the consumption detected and the different conditions of use of the building. The system is also able to react in the case of anomalies or unexpected behavior.

Energy savings can thus even reach up to 40% on particularly energy-demanding buildings equipped with older generation systems. So far, these results on the reduction of consumption could be pursued only facing substantial investments in complex thermal insulation works.

The energy management system developed by Cimberio converts existing HVAC systems to current energy standards, making them intelligent without the need to replace them and being often able to access state tax aids designed specifically for this purpose.

Quality is always top priority for Cimberio products and the ambitious goals already achieved are an incentive to go even further. In recent months, before the international commercial launch of SMARTCIM, the company is collecting its customers ideas to introduce new features and test the system under all conditions.

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